View Full Version : Cost of Head Gasket Replacement

11th Jan 2008, 18:06
Just had my head gasket go and replaced by a local garage. The vehicle has only just done 50k miles from new (2001 1.8L model).

Included lots of parts that apparently LR have modified to make it more reliable.

Came to the grand total of 970 !!:eek:

It's annoying that the engine obviously has design issues, or they wouldn't modify it.

Has anyone ever successsfully achieved getting some form of compensation from LR for the design faults?

11th Jan 2008, 18:25
What are the modifications?

27th Jan 2008, 20:57
Er, not sure really.

But apparently LR have changed loads of things from the gasket itself to the expansion bottle.

27th Jan 2008, 21:40
They should have itemised the parts they used.

It's mainly a new type gasket, new thermostat and pipes and the header tank.

I've got a 1.8 Turbo Rover 75 to do next week. I think we've quoted them about 460.