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series 3
24th Dec 2004, 16:15
hello , not usally in thsi part of the forum .

a friend of mine in work has just purchesed an 04 td4 freelander sport , hes been reading up on it a bit and says its fitted with a fuel powered heater ? but knows nothing else ? any one shed any light on this peiece of equiptment for him please and its intended use , may be one of them things disabled in the uk ?

regards and all the best series 3

26th Dec 2004, 19:37
Not all td4 freelanders have this.

if you look under the front bumper on the left hand side you will see two pipes an inlet and an exhaust if it is fitted.
The heater is there to help the engine warm up quicker, there are no manual switches, depending on conditions temp ect as to weather it switches on or not
this is controled by the engine managment.

Bob R
5th Jan 2005, 19:55
The Fuel Burning Heater (FBH) is made by Webasto in Germany and is a small diesel fired combustion chamber with a water jacket around it and it's own fuel and water pump. The water system is plumbed into the engine coolant and hence the car heater.

Normally it fires up automatically when the outside air temperature drops below 10deg ,C (or if the engine coolant temperature drops below a certain level) and it helps warm the cabin and engine up more quickly, although an 04 Freelander will also have an electric heater in parallel with the normal heater - called a Positive Temperature Coefficient heater in the brochures.

Add a remote control or timer and the FBH can be fired up from a key fob plip or pre programmed on the timer to start 20 or 30 minutes before you get into the car to give you a beautifully warm cabin and pre warmed engine.

Absolute heaven on a cold morning if you live in a country with cold seasons and have to leave the car outside. De-ices the windows too.

One option available from Webasto but only as part of a much larger kit from Land Rover is an exhaust silencer which stops the strange moaning noises which the original straight through pipe gives sometimes.

1st Feb 2006, 20:56
does anyone know if this heater can be removed as ive just purchased some fog lights and fhave found out that they wont fit because of this heater cheers

series 3
1st Feb 2006, 20:58
im sure it can be removed , or why not just move it back a little , space permitting ?

Cocky Lil Guy
1st Feb 2006, 21:04
When the Freelander first came out they were fitted, but then they took them off, then fitted them again doesn't make sence i know! We get loads of complaints (bulletin just issued last week) about them being noisey (and smelly) and people thinking the wheels is like on fire when the car has stopped because of the exhaust gasses.

4th Feb 2006, 15:25
Can you help me then???????????????
I too have the TD4 Freelander 2004 with the webasto heater in it.
just bought the T80 remote and wiring kit of the net for 65 quid.
Looks complete but i cannot find anybody who can tell me how to wire this thing in!
any ideas?
the unit has one 4 pin male plug and one four pin female socket...
i presume these have to go into the heater wiring but where?
also it comes with a small wire which i think is for the bus reply...
is this true and if so again where does it go...
can any of you lot help me out?
Ps a newbie on here but been doing Landy's for far to long

lift n shift
5th Feb 2006, 20:36
I have an 05 freelander and have both the remote and timer fitted to my vehicle. Have you got the aerial that comes with the remote ? also it took the dealers 3 days to fit the remote and the timer you cannot fir the remotr without the silencer so iwas told from L/R technical when i requested it to be fitted as an optional extra.

Then L/R had to send down a tech as the dealer had never fitted this extra before!!! just goes to show not a very sought after extra.

The remote works in 2 way in summer it acts as a vent extracting hot air and pumping it out of the vehicle and in winter it can then be changed to act as a heater. It can be set in mutipules of 510 mins up to 60 mins then shuts off its a good piece of equiptment and now the FBH works independant so in the morning i wake up hit the button on the remote and off it goes 40 mins later engine is warm and the inside is hot as well.

Good extra but is very costly but i think it is worth it.

The 04 and early 05 freelanders only had a FBH fitted. After June 05 they were then only fitted with a panel heater or ceramic heater and no FBH.

I don't know how it stands now as i was told initaly when i ordered mine that the FBH was no longer fitted but after a chat with the sales manager they Managed to find one for me.

I think that i have a wireing diagram for the remote but not sure how good it is so drop us a line and i will either scan it in and e-mail it to you or photo-copy it and snail mail it to you fella.:D :rolleyes: :p

Cocky Lil Guy
5th Feb 2006, 21:14
Sorry, i can't help, i've never fitted this before and i don't know anyone who has. But i don't understand why your dealer had to have a someone from L/R to come and fit it for you!!

6th Feb 2006, 20:01
I think that i have a wireing diagram for the remote but not sure how good it is so drop us a line and i will either scan it in and e-mail it to you or photo-copy it and snail mail it to you fella.:D :rolleyes: :p

cheers do you want to email it me...yes please.
i have only a few bits but not the loom diagram.
174 quid plus vat from the main dealers for the silencer and extra loom...
nah don't think so.
as to three days its about half a days job for one guy with no knowledge at all so long as he has the kit in his mits.
if you could send me what you have i would be most greatful sir.

lift n shift
7th Feb 2006, 14:43
Will try to post diagram this eve as have exam pm !!!!!!!

7th Feb 2006, 20:18
right i have sorted it out i think.
i have the details on the pins on the webasto heaters...nice.
right i also think i have sorted out the wiring loom design for the connection between the timer or remote and the webasto heater.
i can however source the silencers at a greatly reduced cost especially compared with Landrover prices...
for those of you who might be intersted how 62 plus vat and p+p direct to you...it will take a few days but if you areinterested i can help.
for those of you who want a loom for the connection between the heater and controller well let me know i recon about a hundred quid should get you up and running for the lot less than 194 plus vat that Landrover charge!
ring me if your interested or drop me an email
or 07764 683388
Cheers for you help.

19th Feb 2006, 15:25
done and it's easy...
well happy, range well over 600yards and thats on old batteries!
right i have the contact sorted out for you all wanting proper webasto silencers for the td4's and i can make up a suitable wiring loom for you that takes about half a day to completely fit unlike Landrovers attempt and you don't need to be a wizard to fit it either.
the hardest bit is fitting the three wires into the webasto heater, that means taking the front bumper off like in the Landrover manual and fitting three more wires into the webasto plug, the only problem i have so far is getting the proper connectors to fit the webasto plug, im trying to locate them from webasto themselves.
as to the wiring it's a dodly now i've ironed out all the crap landrover give you about removing fuse boxes ect.
you dont need to with mine nor do you have to worry about turning heater controls on before leaving the car otherwise the webasto trips out, with mine it turns on the heater for you flat out to heat your car up as fast as it possible can to help seve you battery, so far warm up times around 20 minutes from icey cold to room temp.
there are only four wires to worry about and ones an earth!
the other three don't involve you cutting into the wiring at the back of the fuse box and can be fitted in about 5 minutes. Hows that for you...
if anyone wants details drop us an email or ring me and i will do my very best.
I have had confirmed prices from webasto who dont normally deal unless its trade for the silencers which are mint and silent for 45 quid each, not this EBAY rubbish for 15 quid crap.
they are webasto stamped and made only with the best of materials.