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26th Apr 2012, 08:47
Range Rover Sport 3.6TDI bought new March 2007: 70,000 miles

My car went to a Range Rover dealership for its MOT: They fitted a new damper kit (had trouble getting the old one off), two oil seals to front diff (took two attempts as they crimped the first ones) and rear brake disks as parking brake was inefficient.
Upon collecting the car and travelling just 200yds down the road there was a loud whinning noise and vibration in the foot-wells when I took my foot off the accelerator and the car coasted (although still in gear). I immediately redturned to the garage. Following a test drive I was notified that the rear diff had failed and after much discussion I was given no choise but to pay for a new one. Upon collecting the car the second time the whinning noise and vibration was still the same! The garage claimed it was road noise from the tyres -(funny it was never like that before the MOT work had been carried out). After further discussion I was notified that there was some movement in the suspension components under the vehicle that had now been retified. I claimed that the problem with the rear diff had been misdiagnosed but the garage refused to let me have the car until I had paid for it!

1. How common is it for the rear diff to fail in my make of car when less that 5 years old?
2. What would cause the rear diff to fail?
3. What could the garage have done for the car to display the systoms it did and then subsequently retify the problem assuming the cause was not the rear diff failing?

Thank you

26th Apr 2012, 11:57
Contact the garage, tell them to keep hold of the failed parts for inspection, contact Land Rover if it was a Dealer and explain your concerns, ring trading standards if you are in Britain, whoever if you are abroad. Ask what EXACTLY failed on the diff, they have it out so can tell you straight away can't they? If they can't or won't, then suspect they are hiding something. We willingly show a customer a failed part that they have paid us to replace, if it's not an exchange unit we are surcharged for, they can take it with them ( or pay the surcharge for us)

Diffs can fail at any time, footwells suggest front diff, they did put oil back in didn't they?

Involve Land Rover if it's a Dealer and don't give up, sounds like someone made an error somewhere.