View Full Version : How to make up this type of PL259 Connector.

14th Jun 2012, 19:38
Hey peeps started a new thread as its more specific to what I need to know.

How the FOOOOOK do I make up this PL259 connector, They were the only ones Maplins do and they are the only local place I know that do this stuff. I cant work out if im meant to fold the sheath back over the threaded end or sandwhich it between the top cone and the rubber gromet, Some help please before I lose it !!!!


14th Jun 2012, 22:03
I would guess sammich it onto the cone with the rubber grommet. It looks like a compression fitting so tightening the collar should compress the outer onto the cone. Then solder centre pin.

Marc Lurie
15th Jun 2012, 10:08
It looks similar to the N-type connector. Here's a diagram that might help.


15th Jun 2012, 21:51
Cheers bud called moonraker who make it and they confirmed it and sent a pdf. All sorted now cheers

Marc Lurie
17th Jun 2012, 19:46