View Full Version : Bearing failure noise

14th May 2003, 08:53
I found this site becuase I was looking for some info changing wheel bearings, then I read Shaky Freelander thread below.

And the quote

"I've been swapping the tyres round every 10k to get over the orrible 'bearing failure' noise created when the rear tyres scallop (caused by the rear wheels dragging). "

The front tyres on my wifes freelander need replacement, plan to do it this weekend, but over the last couple of weeks its been sounding like one of the rear bearings is on the way out.

Do any of you think this could be the problem.

15th May 2003, 15:27
From the description in the shaky freelander thread it sound like it's worth inspecting the bearings anyway, if they start to fail they will wear the rear tyres quite quickly I suspect.

Since it's only your fronts which are worn (normal on what is 95% of the time a front-drive car) you probably don't have to panic as yet. Just looking on the LR Rave CD the bushes that the diff is mounted in do look like a weak point, I'd be tempted to just replace them if you don't know when they've been done ever - doesn't look like that much of a job ..