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16th Feb 2007, 19:40
A bloke at work has just got a brand new 90 hardtop. It has no extras what so ever, so has no radio, the dash centre panel has a large cubby hole in the middle where a radio would go. This hole is larger than a standard radio, but he wants to fit one there. Does anyone know if there is some sort of panel or adaptor to fit there to take a standard radio. I have looked on Paddocks and Craddocks and can't find anything, but I'm sure someone on here will know of one. Well, fairly sure!!!

17th Feb 2007, 17:51
I wouldn't bother with Craddocks or Paddocks for stuff like this...

Pay a visit to your local dealers part department.

You mate is after:

1x - FHF000070PMA - Stereo Bezel should be about 5.00

And possibly
2x - FBT000020 - Wire-trim retention which are a couple of pound.

Just a case of swaping the storage bin for the above bezel - which will take any standard DIN size radio.

I don't think there is anything else he needs, but I would check... haven't got the parts manual to hand at the moment.


17th Feb 2007, 18:38
Thanks for that, I will let him know and see what happens.