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  1. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty-Five: Belt-n-Braces part two

    Serpentine Belt Replacement, continued.

    So far we have removed the fan shroud, the viscous fan, the radiator top hose and the radiator cowling, to leave us with access to the serpentine belt and pulleys, and the belt tensioner.

    reasonable access to everything, now

    To remove the belt, you need to relax the tension on it. You do this by getting a 15mm ring spanner or socket with a ...
  2. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty-Five: Belt-n-Braces part one

    Today, I replaced the serpentine belt on my 300Tdi which drives the fan, alternator, water pump, etc.

    As you can see it was ready for a change:

    Cracking belt, Grommet!

    When ordering a new one, it is important to note there are two types, an early and a later, which are different lengths.

    This is because the earlier 300Tdi Discoveries were fitted with a smaller ...
  3. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty-Four: Memory Lane part two continued

    To continue where we left off, we had rebuilt the 2.25 diesel engine bottom half.

    Then we winched the engine and gearbox back into the vehicle with it's rebuilt and repainted bulkhead and chassis:

    ...and prepared to put the head back on:

    Head on, all plumbed apart from the radiator:


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  4. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty-Four: Memory Lane part two

    In my last blog, I told the story of an epic journey in my first ever Land Rover.

    As I mentioned, the vehicle was a 1972 Series 3 2.25 Diesel Hardtop.

    A few months after my return from our trip, the vehicle failed its MOT on a long list of items, so my friend and I decided to strip and rebuild it.

    We had already carried out a comprehensive rebuild of his Series 2, which we had done various things to, including rebuilding a V8 and putting it in in place of the ...
  5. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty-Three: Memory Lane part one

    In a recent thread about fuel prices, I mentioned that when I was A LOT younger, a friend and I spent three weeks driving my first Land Rover round the top of the UK. Remembering this, I finally dug out the photos, and I've spent some time scanning them from the gloss print originals so that I could show you a few.

    Our route was as follows: starting in Derbyshire, we went up the west coast of England and into and around the Lake District, then up into Scotland, up the western side of ...
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