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  1. Tales of the unexpected - Part eleven: A wing and a prayer

    As I have mentioned, the nearside front wing of my Landy was a bit bent and battered when I bought it, the bottom of the front panel of the wing was pushed backwards and downwards, and the outer panel was bulged outwards. This meant the headlight didn't point in the right direction - I got a lovely amount of light on the nearside verge, about two feet in front of the vehicle.
    This is what it looked like:


    def90-05.jpg ...
  2. Tales of the unexpected - Part ten: Mind the doors, please!

    It's been a lovely sunny week, this week, and I took the week off work to potter about not doing much.

    Of course, not doing much is a relative term, I've done a lot really...

    As I promised previously, my mate and I took the Landy for it's first off road jaunt since I've had it.

    We did a swift tour of some of the local green lanes, and a nice time was had by all.

    The Landy behaved impeccably, not that we ever put it really to the test, but nothing ...

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  3. Tales of the unexpected - Part nine: The story so far

    Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...

    Oops, better not use that, might get sued by George Lucas!

    I thought I'd post some pics, before and after type stylie...


    But first, the news...

    Late this morning, I went and spent money on goodies for my Ninety.

    Then, I came home and fitted said goodies.

    I bought a rubber mat, for the back floor.

    Fitting this was a terrible chore... Remove parcel ...

    Updated 31st Aug 2010 at 22:19 by alisterg

  4. Tales of the unexpected - Part eight: Lock, stock, barrels and things

    Whilst some of the members of this forum have been in sunny Stoneleigh, drinking beer, eating cake and generally enjoying themselves, (jealous... who, me?) I have been continuing to improve, repair and otherwise fettle my pride and joy.

    As I mentioned previously, one of the things I needed to do was make it so that I can actually secure the vehicle - it is not a comfortable feeling leaving it in a car park knowing that anyone can walk up to it and open the doors. (Mind you, as any fule ...
  5. Tales of the unexpected - Part seven: A Fog of indecision.

    So, back home from work this evening, and the thought of that rear fog light is bugging me.

    If you have read the tales so far, you will know that I spent a little time on Sunday afternoon deciphering the wiring diagram, to try and find the reason why my fog light doesn't work.

    I had tested the wiring in the light unit, and found there was no electricity making it as far as the light fitting.

    I then found, from the diagram, that there was a relay in the circuit ...

    Updated 23rd Aug 2010 at 20:55 by alisterg

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