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  1. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty-Two: Dirty Disco Double

    On Saturday, I took my mate petrofaclad on a tour of some local lanes.

    He recently became the owner of a 50th Anniversary Discovery 300Tdi, and, in his own words, "wanted to get it dirty".

    Ha! He should have known better than to ask, given that the last time he came for a bit of off roading I tried to knock him senseless with the roof of my Ninety...

    Anyway here is the poor innocent victim, and his (very nice) Disco:

  2. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty-One: EGR go Bye Bye

    Some time ago I bought an EGR removal kit off ebay from Today, I finally got round to fitting it.

    Here is what you get:

    ...a new hose to go from the intercooler to the inlet manifold, a blanking plate, a gasket and two bolts.

    And here is what it replaces:

  3. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty: Christmas cheer

    So, here is how I spent Christmas Eve:


    Grovelling in the mud, replacing the rear propshaft.

    As some of you may have read elsewhere, a couple of weeks ago I had a sudden onset of a loud rumbling, whirring noise as I drove along, with a lot of vibration. On investigation it turned out to be the Rotoflex coupling on the rear propshaft, which had come apart and was flailing around.

    As a temporary measure, until I could ...
  4. Tales of the unexpected - Part Nineteen: New Enlightenment, and Water

    Well, I haven't posted a blog on here for some while, and since last we spoke I've changed vehicle.

    I was the proud owner of a Defender Ninety, and now, having been presented with the opportunity, I've swapped it for a Discovery 1.

    Same 300Tdi engine, same R380 gearbox, still a Land Rover, but a bit more comfortable and easier on the ears on the motorway.

    As it's a base model Disco, it doesn't have sunroofs, so I haven't got the worry of leaks from that area, ...
  5. Tales of the Unexpected - Part Eighteen: More Enlightenment

    So, continuing on with the same theme as last time, I had decided over the winter months that the standard lighting on my Land Rover Ninety was not really good enough for modern roads and driving conditions.

    A couple of trips on the motorway in heavy rain, plus driving through a thick snowstorm, made me realise that I couldn't see a lot, and the vehicle was not very visible to other drivers.

    Last time, I re-wired the headlights, and, having had them adjusted properly, ...
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