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  1. Seven Engines That Killed The Company Part 2

    #4 Triumph V8

    We're a bit Stag-heavy on the blog at the moment, but the monumental failure that is the Triumph V8 can never be explored in too much detail.

    In the mid 1960s Triumph was on a bit of a roll and very close to becoming the British BMW. With the Spitfire and TR it had strong contenders in the roadster/sports car market. Triumph had invented the idea of the mass-market sports ...
  2. Seven Engines That Killed The Company

    It goes without saying that, unless you live in the Flintstones universe, the engine is a fairly important part of a car. Without it you just have a nice castor-mounted piece of outdoor sculpture. And it's not just enough to have 'an engine'. Given that it's central to the function and, in many ways, the character of the car, it has to be right. Most of all it has to be reliable. Since the car, as a technological entity, has now been around for about 120 years it's seems remarkable that these simple ...

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  3. Let's Go For A Drive - Triumph Stag

    If any one phrase can sum up British Leyland's products it's "They're OK apart from...". BL weren't in the habit of making truely bad cars, what they specialised in were fundamentally good (or even excellent) cars that were let down by one jaw-droppingly incompetent design or management decision. For example, the Rover SD1 - a 125-mph executive muscle car that looked like a Ferrari Daytona which slowly shook itself apart on the motorway. Or the Austin Maxi, which set the template for the ...

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  4. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty-Five: Belt-n-Braces part two

    Serpentine Belt Replacement, continued.

    So far we have removed the fan shroud, the viscous fan, the radiator top hose and the radiator cowling, to leave us with access to the serpentine belt and pulleys, and the belt tensioner.

    reasonable access to everything, now

    To remove the belt, you need to relax the tension on it. You do this by getting a 15mm ring spanner or socket with a ...
  5. Tales of the unexpected - Part Twenty-Five: Belt-n-Braces part one

    Today, I replaced the serpentine belt on my 300Tdi which drives the fan, alternator, water pump, etc.

    As you can see it was ready for a change:

    Cracking belt, Grommet!

    When ordering a new one, it is important to note there are two types, an early and a later, which are different lengths.

    This is because the earlier 300Tdi Discoveries were fitted with a smaller ...
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