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  1. what can we put in these blog thingys then

    hmm not sure what were supposed to say in these blog thingys any ideas
  2. Shocks in the engine

    My second question regarding my Freelander, petrol 1L8, 2000, 107,000 km.

    For some time, I have a tremor of concern in the engine.
    This problem exists only when I let go the accelerator, or when I'm off the accelerator.
    If j'accélère, no problem.

    The engine starts well, the idle is stable.

    Only by traveling to accelerate when I stop I feel that these small tremors in the engine.

    My garagist gave me different ...
  3. Do I win?

    Is this the first LRUK blog post, ignoring all the admin tests? Looks like it shall be interesting!
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