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  1. Series Three Throwback Ep. 2

    So, in the last installment we'd just got the Series III all patched up and roadworthy and we were just waiting for a certain someone to finally pass his driving test.

    Off to Sodbury Sortout...

    ...where I managed to buy enough bits to start turning it ...
  2. Series Three Throwback Ep. 1

    When I went looking for pictures to illustrate my previous entry (without success) I did find, lurking in the deepest recesses of some cobwebbed external HDD, all my pictures I took of my old Series III Landy over the 3 years I had it. Was it really only three years? How was there time for all the UJ changes?

    Anyway, I present a sample here for those that are interested.

    Let us go back to the far-off days of June 2003:

    [wavy lines and harp music] ...

    Updated 24th May 2012 at 00:03 by jozg44

  3. What's In A Name

    A recent thread about names we sometimes give our Land Rovers and the 'logic' behind them made me think back over 'cars wot I hav known'. Some of them had names, usually suggested by the number plate but sometimes by other quirks. I thought I'd expand on the theme here on the Blog rather than go off-topic on the thread:

    - The H-reg 3-door Disco V8i we had on long-term loan from some friends was known as Ewok, because it had an H---EWK press fleet number plate

    - The 1983 ...
  4. Back in the Game

    Today, 505 days since it's last outing on the public highway (which was, in fact, the LRUK laning day on Salisbury Plain back in the dark, cold days of January 2011), my Ninety turned a wheel under its own power.

    The final stage was fitting the new front flexihoses for the brakes and we had to make up some new copper pipe to replace some bits which had gone rusty. The nearside pipe was a bit of a daunting proposition ...
  5. Soul Machine

    This blog was inspired by a recent thread in which that old chestnut of Land Rovers having 'soul' cropped up. Before we begin, let's set some musical accompaniment for this post:

    There we go, and remember, Wednesday Night is Hammond Organ Recital Night...

    So...soul and cars. Let's state the obvious and say that a car, an inanimate collection of ferrous metals, rubber, various petroleum extracts and some melted ...

    Updated 14th May 2012 at 02:25 by jozg44

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