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Thread: Freelander power loss

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    Thanks again Willo, am going to ask a friend at LR maybe he will have heard of it and indeed know what it is, will let you know when I find out, once more thanks for all help and info,

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    I've been following this for a while, and have an idea.

    AFAIK the only thing that could be moving after engine shut down is the turbo, with you symptoms: you state with the EGR vacuum hose blocked the noise is present, when unblocked the noise is not apparent.

    This suggests that on shut down, the EGR is perhaps able to use residual vacuum to open and dump the boost in the inlet manifold, through the EGR to the outlet manifold, dumping boost and preventing the pressure from back spinning the turbine blades??? (with no oil flow!)

    I reason I suggest this is becasuse at shut down, the turbine is spinning, albeit slowly, and so there is some pressure in the inlet and outlet manifolds. How does the engine/turbine deal with these pressures?

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    Hi there swopshop, an interesting and perfectly plausible theory, yesterday I tried the ball-bearing trick, but as soon as I switched off the engine that horrible noise, now ball-bearing out! and no noise, until i can get a definative answer as to what the noise is, and more importantly is it doing harm somewhere, i shal just run with the EGR valve as fitted.
    Must mention though, with the re-mAPPED ecu, The flat spot is hardly noticable, I guess unless you are really looking for it, perhaps i am being too fifnicky and will probably leave well alone.
    cheers for now

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    From my last post my landrover garage were going to replace the overlay harness and fuel pressure sensor nearly 5 weeks past the parts ( has now been found ) so on tue they will pick it up and fit them, i will let you guys know if there is any difference for some i have my douts cheers guys

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    My 03 Td4 Freelander suddenly developed a complete power loss (but did not cut out) whenever the accelerator was depressed and engine management light came on. After entire day in service centre on computer diagnostics, I received large repair bill but on the way back home the problem was still there. Next day I mentioned to service centre that I noticed a noise from fuel filler cap area. They took vehicle back and advised it was a faulty fuel pump, replaced it, issued another large bill, and no problem since.

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    My problem on 2003 TD4 loss of power, losing oil, max revs 3500. To solve problem engine breather cleaned improvement, fuel filter replaced as the one in dated Mar 2003 car reg 2003, this immediatly solved revs problem, long turbo hose split replaced, now no problems with engine. Main problem with lack of power can be soft Turbo Hose if soft when you apply power the hose is sqeezed flat due to the suction for air, this is what causes the hose to split. Lander Rover need to supply better pipes.

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    Hi all,

    Aint the internet a great thing - had my lander from new 2001 and yesterday developed the said fault - came on here, took the advice and all is well again. I have two questions:

    1. Any issues removing this pipe?
    2. Is this remapping worth doing?

    Thanks to everyone on this thread was getting a bit down - want to keep this lander for another 10 years minimum

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    That noise, it's not the valve in the breather box is it?

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    My 54 plate TD4, 3 door Freebie has had this hesitancy - however, today the engine at tickover sounded like an old petrol engine with the choke pulled out once hot (like it was gasping for air - mixture too rich?)
    It didn't fire up as usual and took a couple of tries - complete with white smoke from the exhaust.
    Whillst driving, I approached a mini-roundabout at about 20mph, changed down from 3rd gear to 2nd at which point the engine cut out totally and I coasted through the roundabout to a halt.
    20 some attempts to restart failed, and as I was in a dangerous position I thought "hey ho" and tried to move the car on the starter motor whilst in 1st gear.
    The engine caught and I was able to limp the vehicle back in 1st & 2nd gear, although the engine would rev over 3k rpm and even then the power seemed to come in pulses.

    I know have the bonnet up and am checking pipes, EGR valve etc before contacting the dealers on Monday to collect & fix - we are supposed to be driving in it to France in fortnight.

    It currently is due for the 48k service and the conspiracy theorist in me can't help but wonder whether this is a cheeky software issue designed to force you to return to teh dealers.

    Drat & Bu99er

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    Well my hesiate issue came back, so I bite my lip and popped it into the dealer. They hooked it up to the elec rig and it pointed to the intercooler. On examination the pipes had split. They replaced the pipes and downloaded the latest TD4 engine mangement para's and the thing hasn't run as smooth for a while!

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    Smile Re: Freelander power loss

    Try putting a ball bearing into it then push it back then nobody knows at MoT time,, Ding Dang Do me old china :-))

    You could also buy a MAF Compensater from Roverron's web site as I did and it gets rid of the flat spot you have after Dealers changed the MAF under warranty (but it still felt sluggish after that so I put my MAF Compensater back on).

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    Ihave a TD4 03 and drove it to the south of france on route it started to play up loosing power in all gears below 2500 rpm but once in 5th and above it just purred along. Put it into a LR garage here no warning light and computer cant show anything they failed to solve the prob and they have sent it onto the main dealer and there she has stayed for 2 weeks with daily phone calls of no answer found! Turbo fine fuel pump fine fuel pressure sensor fine fuel filter fine accelerator pedal fine. Its very hard and dangerous to drive like this and am desperate to solve this. Could it be the ERG prob though I think its more?

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    Done one of these today and was caused by the Mass air meter, I graphed actual airflow next to requested air flow using my Ethos and the fault was obvious.
    Unplug your MAF meter and the power should return if this is your problem.
    The MAF meter is located near to the yellow oil filler cap under the plastic air filter housing which is held in place with 4x allen key bolts.
    It may be possible to unplug the MAF without removing the air filter housing but I never tried.
    Hope this helps!.


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    Maffy do you have roverrons details for me

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    In tech speak the EGR dumps/recycles some exhaust gases into the inlet manifold to reduce the temp of the burn inside the cylinder, when the diesel is ignited this is to reduce the NOX that comes out of the exhaust pipe. However NOX is not 1 of the gases the MOT stations test for and therefore blocking the EGR valve will have no effect on the emissions test and your car will still pass the MOT and it will run better WITHOUT DIRTY EXHAUST GASES CONTAMINATING THE FRESH MIXTURE A WIN WIN !!

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