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    Help please the blower has stopped i have checked the fuses and they are fine have changed the resistor still nothing have noticed that aircon and recirc dont work could it be the relay if so where do i find it? I cant demist the windows. thanks

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    The fan switch, recirculating air switch and recir motor are all fed from fuse 4 (25A fuse) in the passenger compartment fusebox so if none of them are working its probably because they aren't getting power. I'd change the fuse just in case its a duff one or at least do a continuity test to make sure its ok. You could also probe the input side of the fuse with a multimeter to see if its getting power. On fan speeds 1-3 there is no relay involved. The power just goes through wires, fuses, switch and resistor pack to the heater motor. On speed 4 the power demand is higher and is fed to the motor via a relay. On that speed, the fan switch energises a relay which connects the fan to a power supply that runs off an engine compartment fuse. If there's no power to fuse 4 the relay won't be getting energised and so the fan still won't work on speed 4 even if its power supply is good.

    Fuse 4 is fed from a fuse in the engine compartment fuse box so its possible that the engine compartment fuse has gone. I think its a different one than the one that supplies the blower but I can't remember which one it is (Fuse 8 runs in my mind but I may be wrong - I've never had to check it - just seen it on a circuit diagram)

    If you aren't getting power at the input side of the engine copartment fuse, there is a fusible link in the wiring loom that could be the problem but I think it would be very usual for something like that to go.

    I know this because I am having trouble with my fan motor blowing fuses intermittently and have been studying the heater arrangements in a bit of detail. I have a circuit diagram and location details for the components on a bit of paper at home so I can probably provide a bit more detail if you need it. Hope you have better luck than I've been having.

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    Thanks Fergie ive tried changing the fuse inside the car and checked the fuses in the engine comp there is two with fan symbs but both look ok no breaks or burning i will buy some new ones, but i live 20 miles from town in the outer hebrides if you could post any more help i will be in your debt thanks. Mick

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    Now that I have the circuit diagram, I see that the circuit I described wasn't quite right. The supply comes from the battery to the engine fuse box. It goes through fusible link 1 (150A) then fusible link 2 (60A) then goes on to the ignition switch. When the ignition is on, that supplies power to fuse 4 in the passenger compartment fuse box.

    I'd suggest testing that to see if there is power to it either using a 12v bulb or a multimeter. If you do get power at fuse 4 you could disconnect the resistor pack and see if you can get anything at it on any of the three red wires coming into the connector. Red/green is fan speed 3, Red/yellow speed 2 and red/K? speed one. The Green/K? wire goes direct to the blower motor. I don't know what colour a "k" trace is. Looked like pink to me. You'll need to have the fan switch in the approriate positions to test.

    From Fuse 4 power is fed through a green wire to a connector (somewhere) where power splits to feed 1. the heater fan switch, then the resistor pack and then the blower motor and 2. the recirculated air switch and motor. Since it isn't just the fan that isn't working it would seem like a problem with the power supply either to fuse 4 or between it and the heater controls. Looks like power comes out of fuse 4 on a green wire which runs to a connector then splits to the fan and recirc bits. After the split its a "LGS" wire (light green & ?)

    Speed 4 is a bit different. Fuse 8 in the engine bay (the 30A one) supplies a relay (If its not one of the ones in the engine bay fuse box, I'd think it must be one in the passenger compartment box but I have nothing that says where it is) On speed 4 the relay control coil is energised by the supply from fuse 4. But as you don't seem to have a supply from it the relay won't be getting switched on anyway.

    Don't know if that helps. Its basically a matter of testing for power at fuse 4 then, if its live, working forward in the circuit from there until you find why power is not getting through.

    Maybe I should say that I'm working from a 2001 circuit diagram which seems good for my car which is 2003. If you car is a lot older its possible that the set up might be different.

    You can always test you motor by putting 12 volts across it but it does sound like a supply problem.

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    Did you fix this at all ? I just picked up a used TD4 yesterday which needs some TLC one part of which is getting the heater working. Not best day in Scotland to have landie with no working heater given -6 here !!!

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    All fixed now. After tracing through to fuse box and assuring there was power it turned out to be a bad connection at the heater motor.

    Warmth !!!!

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