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Thread: TD4 2001 Brake disc change

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    Default TD4 2001 Brake disc change

    Hi Guys,

    How easy are the Front brake discs to change on a freelander TD4, also have an issue with the Hand Brake it is an Auto so not used as often but i don't think it will pass an MOT as it is, are there any adjustments on this.

    I have a defender this is the first time working on a freelander!! Any other servicing tips would be gladly received

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    Front discs on the Freelander are incredibly easy to change. Just pivot the caliper out of the way and remove 2 screws and off it comes. It does seem to be a good design not like the old Mundano I had where an angle grinder and cold chisel was called into play. The can be an issue of the handbrake cables sticking possibly on one side only. The cable adjuster is under the centre cubby box and you will probably be able to decide which side is sticking just by looking at the movement of the equaliser bar. Off with the drum on that side and check out the cable. Disconnect it from the shoe expander mechanism and check the inner is free in the outer. The self adjust mechanism can be a source of stiction as well. Handbrake cables are fairly cheap as well. Another service item but one not listed by Land Rover is a change of the crankcase valve filter on top of the engine. It is a service item for the Rover 75 and the BMW but for some reason LR don't suggest a change.

    '63 2a Utility & '03 TD5 Discovery 2

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