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Thread: Door locked shut - can't open to repair

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    Default Door locked shut - can't open to repair

    Hi folks

    I'm very much hoping some of you kindly folks can help me out with a bit of a catch 22 problem.

    My S reg Freelander's driver's door has locked shut and I can't find a way to open it in order to investigate and repair the problem.

    I hadn't noticed anything wrong with the locking mechanism until I tried to open the door one day as usual, but it wouldn't budge. I've tried the key fob central locking, the key in the door and the button on the central console with no luck. There's electrical power getting to the lock mechanism (I can hear the clunks as it tries to operate) but no movement.

    I managed to remove the door trim (a very fiddly job with the door locked!) and felt my way around the mechanism from the inside, but no amount of jiggling and poking about seemed to make a difference. I've had a good look with an inspection mirror but still can't see a way to release the door.

    The Haynes manual I bought and various Internet sources describe how to replace the lock when the door is open, but I've drawn a blank regarding getting the door open in the first place.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Default Re: Door locked shut - can't open to repair

    Hey Im usually a defender/discovery man but this might help. Can you see or in anyway get at the latch mechanism from inside the car?

    If you can, a long thin screwdriver can be used to feel in and push the locking linkage down so that the door will first pop onto the safety catch and then a second time out. Try it with the passenger door open and the door mechanism as though it should be when the door is locked and go from there.

    If you dont get what I mean, I can try and explain it more......
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    Default Re: Door locked shut - can't open to repair

    Hi HPLP

    I'm not 100% sure I know where you're describing to push. I can access the latch mechanism from the inside of the door. Do you mean go in from the hole the button sticks out from?

    I could post a picture I found of the latch mechanism if that would help?

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    Default Re: Door locked shut - can't open to repair

    i have w reg freelander and my rear drivers door sometimes wont open when i try opening it every thing seems ok but door just dont open. i get into cab and use my foot to bang on the top of door panel (just under window) a few times trying the handle between blows it opens after few blows. i know this is not the best way to do things. but i had tryed every thing else i could think of. this has now worked twice. so give it a try if all else fails but mind dont kick door off. hope this allows u to get it open also. if so please let me know how you fix it as im leaving mine for now as not big problem for me as comes and goes. will fix when needed or if easy enough. thanks pdoc

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    Default Re: Door locked shut - can't open to repair

    Thanks for the suggestion petedoc. I gave the door a good kicking from the inside this morning. I quite enjoyed it after fiddling around for so long, but apart from that, no joy!

    I'll try again later when I can get someone to hold the handle open as I boot the door.

    I spoke to another mechanic today who thought the only option was to cut the door off with acetylene or a grinder and get a new door. Seems a bit extreme for a jammed lock but it's looking like I don't have too many options!

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    Default Re: Door locked shut - can't open to repair

    If you are going to go to extremes, I would slide the seat all the way back and rip the door card off to give access to inside the door. Maybe it would then be possible to manipulate the linkage and get the door open. Worth a try and a door card is cheaper than a door and paintwork!!
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    Default Re: Door locked shut - can't open to repair

    Hi folks

    Just to let you know, I've managed to solve the problem of getting the door open (it'll be another metter to fit a new latch mechanism though!)

    Despite several days of fiddling around inside the door with the trim off, pushing, pulling, kicking, swearing etc there was no movement at all, so I had little option apart from breaking something!

    Here's what I did using a 50mm hole saw, a hammer and a big screwdriver. Hopefully it might come in handy for someone else

    (Firstly, I recommend ordering some new parts as the process involved a bit of destruction! The latch unit for the drivers door of my Freelander is part no. ALR9782 and you'd best get some new door trim fixing studs, part no. MWC 9134, as you'll knacker the existing ones trying to take the trim off with the door closed)

    Remove the screws holding the trim with a stubby screwdriver (have a search on these forums for instructions) and pull off the door trim, taking care with the wires connecting the speakers. It's quite tricky due to the confined space

    Disconnect the wiring loom and handle/button linkages from the latch assembly

    Measure where the latch mechanism grips the pillar using the opposite door whilst it's open (it's about 24 cm down from the window seal)

    Drill a pilot hole 30mm from the door seal to allow for the 50mm hole saw

    Use the hole saw to cut through the metal in the door interior to expose the latch mechanism

    Depending on exactly where on the mechanism you end up, you can keep on drilling with the hole saw to expose the workings or drill out any exposed bolts

    The rest is brute force! When I had cut through the side of the mechanism I took the big screwdriver and bashed at the workings of the lock. There's motors, gears and levers that have to be demolished to get at the catch

    After about 10 mins of hammering I was able to reach inside the hole and release the door

    The only permanent damage is the 50mm hole which will be covered by the door trim. Hopefully fitting the new latch mechanism when it arrives will be less hassle!


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    Default Re: Door locked shut - can't open to repair

    Sounds a bit drastic, but sometimes it just has to be.

    I'm a locksmith, safe engineer by trade (as well as other things), and you did the right thing by finding a similar unit and examining that first.

    I don't touch vehicle locks professionally because it's too risky regarding damage. A slight wrinkle to a door top or weatherstrip and that's an angry customer.

    It sounds to me like one of the alloy gears may have disintegrated in the middle of the mechanism - which is non-repairable anyway.
    I've had a lot of fun (not) with UPVC doors using similar gearing in tilt&turn handles - often resulting in drilling holes to first obliterate the block, then retract the bars manually.

    Glad you didn't lacerate your hands inside there - as that's an added hazard.

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    Default Re: Door locked shut - can't open to repair

    just go inside and pull down the window,,then try to remove the cover of the door and try to reach then system of lock..hope this would help you..if you have a big problem about lock just visit this one..arizona locksmith

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