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    Default Gunsons 'Clik-adjust'

    GUNSONS “Clik-adjust”.
    Micrometer tappet adjuster.

    Here’s what you get in the box, as delivered.

    And another photo of it, without the packaging.

    The Clik-adjust is available from a variety of online suppliers and auto shops, and has a typical price of £42.33. However some searching on the internet found it priced at £25, so shop around.

    The tool is easy to handle, and is of decent quality. It appears to be manufactured to good tolerances, and is chrome plated. The only initial drawback I can see with mine is a slight rattle in the handle, which does not affect the tools usage. I assume this is a piece of the plastic moulding for the adjustment knob, left over from the manufacturing process. As I say, it’s not a big issue.

    The screwdriver blade is strong, and a decent size, and fits neatly through the centre of the socket that you will use to undo the tappet locknut. The socket is held firmly by the ball bearing on the tool, just as it would be on your socket wrench.


    Any Land Rover owner will tell you that Valve clearance adjustment is pretty straight forward and easy.

    Firstly ascertain the valve adjustment sequence. [ Use the “rule of 9” to work out which valve you need to be looking at…IE if rocker 1 is fully down you need to adjust valve 8. (1 from 9 = 8) 5 fully down, then adjust 4 (5 from 9 = 4) and so on. With a six cylinder engine, it’s the “rule of 13” ]

    Now, using the Clik-adjust spanner handle, slacken the tappet lock nut by turning it anti clockwise.

    Press the screwdriver down into the slot of the adjustment screw down until a loud click is heard or felt.

    Now turn the adjustment knob back anti clockwise until the right amount of adjustment is achieved.

    Now, I hear you ask, how do we know if it’s the right adjustment? This is the fiddly bit, but you will only need to do it once for each engine type you adjust.

    The method is the same for all types of tappets (i.e., unequal and equal rocker arms, and all types of thread). You’ll need to use feeler gauges to work out the number of clicks required for a particular type of tappet and clearance. Once you have this number, there is no further need for feeler gauges.

    So, insert a thick feeler gauge of about .010 inches (.25mm) in to the gap between the valve stem and the rocker. The exact thickness is not important as this feeler is simply there to provide a level surface between the valve stem and the rocker.

    Apply the Clik-adjust, and screw it down until a loud click is heard, and then back it off again counting the clicks until you can insert a feeler gauge of the correct clearance in addition to the .010 feeler gauge. For example, if the required clearance is.014 inches, count the clicks between .010 inches and .014 inches. This is then the number of clicks required to set that particular clearance, and the number of clicks should be recorded for future reference.

    Now you can dispense with the feeler gauges, simply counting the clicks for each tappet.

    I found this tool to be simple to use once I had set it to the correct clearance. It’s less hassle than trying to hold the screwdriver, a spanner AND the feeler gauge.

    So, overall, a good buy…maybe depending on what price you find it at. I am doing valves on a regular basis, so to me it’s a handy tool to have, especially once I have got a note of how many clicks per engine. Would you feel justified in the expense if you had only one engine to work on? I don’t know. But it does have the handy ability to be able to compensate for valve and rocker wear, which the feeler gauge method does not.
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    Default Re: Gunsons 'Clik-adjust'

    I bought one years ago when I repaired and raced Minis. It is a good tool and saves a lot of time. Also, when you have adjusted a tappet then you know it is correct.
    I used it also to experiment with valve clearances on race engines as you can be quite accurate with the settings when comparing performances.

    Buy one
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    Default Re: Gunsons 'Clik-adjust'

    i have used one a few times now, not bought, borrowed from Dave H, but brilliant tool!!!

    even i can use it

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