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    HI, i looking to purchase a p38 4.6 1999-2001 model and would like to convert to lpg,are there any recomendations/ prices for this from firms in se london/kent area.
    Cheers for any advice

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    I had my Classic 94 softdash V8 converted by a Turkish firm in West London. I am very happy to recommend them, they did a neat clean and generally good job for a very competitive price, which included collecting and delivering back my Rangie to Oxfordshire and used top spec kit. You can find them on the web - Tasso Autogas.
    Make sure you are exactly clear with each other about what tank and where it will be put, as we nearly had a mis-understanding. They wanted to put in the biggest tank possible - a huge cylinder across the boot whereas I wanted a doughnut tank in the spare wheel position.
    Mark Lawson

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    Thank you

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