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    Is there an easy way of removing the heater? also 2nd and 4th gears sometimes crunch, syncro gone or clutch adjustment?
    Any help appreciated getting it ready to sell.

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    "Is there an easy way of removing the heater?"

    The correct method is also very easy and one that I will be doing myself this weekend to replace the matrix. Based on my personal experience of replacing the heater-motor a while ago I expect to get the heater-box out in about 30-minutes.
    Remove washer-bottle, clamp hoses & remove coolant pipes, remove inlet grill, remove inlet duct, undo control cables & wiring, undo mounting bolts and lift heater-box clear. Fitting is the reverse of the above but use new foam seals (people who use silicon for cheapness will suffer if they have to remove the box again as it REALLY sticks) and make sure the coolant system is correctly bled. This is also the perfect time to ensure the heater flaps are correctly set, don't just put them back as they were but LOOK to see they are working as they should.

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    acid bath

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    Looks like my heater motor has burnt out. Is the heater box that easy to take out, i thought it was bolted on with rivets thrown in, just to make it interesting. I have a defender 90 300tdi. Can you still drive the landy with the heater box removed, i.e connect the heater hoses together. Any advice welcome.

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    The heater box is not difficult to get out, having said that if it's your first time it can be a bit frustrating as it's a tight squeeze. I've had mine out a few times, it takes about 10-15mins now but took over 30 the first time. When it comes to removing the two lower bolts attaching it to the bulkhead a second pair of hands helps unless there's rivnuts in there. If you want to run without the heater box, it would be best to remove the heater matrix from the casing and tie it up to something rather than risk a temporary connection pipe to pipe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by acid bath View Post
    Is the heater box that easy to take out, i thought it was bolted on with rivets thrown in, just to make it interesting
    It is just four bolts - two at the top, two at the bottom. You only need to remove the screws that hold the intake duct inside the wing and slide it forwards, then the heater can come out. In practice, the foam is usually stuck and that makes them 'a bit tight' - plus it seems like one of those 3d jigsaw puzzles when it comes to manoeuvring it out (and back in again).

    When it is out, you'll find that there's 20-something pop rivets to remove before the top comes off. When re-assembling it, make sure you get the heater panel well packed all round so that cold air doesn't leak round the it, and it doesn't rattle around and chafe through the pipes.

    The hardest part of putting it back in is getting the bolt holes lined up - it's a really awkward location to get any force on it, and the seals really just don't want to let you get it in.
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