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    First let me say I am sorry if I am posting something that has been posted 1,000,000 times before. I did do a search but did not find the information I am looking for.

    I have a 2003 Defender 110 with the factory TD5 diesel. I am moving to Lebanon and want to keep from having to sale my Defender. In Lebanon I can not import a diesel power vehicle. I am wanting to replace my engine with a petrol powered engine. If any of you have done this can I can some input as to what engine would be best suited for a rugged mountain area with at times harsh weather? I am really looking for something that will not take away from the power I have grown to love in my diesel 110.

    If I would not loose too much off roading abilities I would like to go with an auto gear box as well.

    I am also interested in finding out how much of a problem it is to swap engines. Bell housing, motor mount placement, etc.

    Any information would be helpful. I have access to just about any engine you can imagine at the local salvage yards of Kuwait and Lebanon.

    Thank you guys!!!


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    Default Re: TD5 engine swap

    Gents, none of you have any input that might be helpful to me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyls2 View Post
    Gents, none of you have any input that might be helpful to me?
    Well, as far as replacing the Td5 with a petrl engine, the only sensible choice as I see it would be to go for a V8. It's the only LR petrol engine that'll out-perform the Td5.

    I've been thinking about this lots, as in the coming years I'd like to give V8 power to my own Td5.

    The first obvious issue, is that the Td5 uses a different gearbox to the V8, with a different bell-housing and input shaft length. In terms of V8 boxes your choice is either LT95 (four speed, big heavy but strong), LT77 (not really man enough for the V8 perhaps? also rare in V8 spec), LT85 (most common 'factory' V8 gearbox), R380 (quite rare as a long stick V8 option). You could also go auto, but that in itself throws up lots of other issues, and wouldn't be my choice.
    To simplify things, forget the LT95 as it has an integral transfer case, so will need more work fabricating chassis mounts etc.
    I;d look at an LT85 or R380 (see some of the other threads on these boxes).

    Next up is the engine itself, which will require new chassis mounts, wiring, ancilleries etc. You'll need to remove all of the Td5 electronics, which probably means you'll lose the car alarm as well, certainly the immobiliser I would think. You'll also probably need a new fuel pump as well as the Td5 pump is high pressure.
    What is the fuel quality like out in Lebanon? If it's variable, I'd suggest a low-comp engine to tolerate poor fuels etc.

    My choice would be a 3.9 V8, with a weber/edelbrock carburettor setup, with an LT85 bolted on the rear. Depending on how you spec the engine it should give you a very simple, reliable 180BHP plus.

    In short, it's a lot of work, and not something to be taken lightly.
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    Thank you very much, that was a very helpful bit of information.

    The fuel in Lebanon is ok. I am running my LS2 Corvette on it and so far no problems, knock on wood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bob View Post
    Well, as far as replacing the Td5 with a petrl engine, the only sensible choice as I see it would be to go for a V8. It's the only LR petrol engine that'll out-perform the Td5.
    My thoughts as well.

    The OP mentioned he fancied an automatic, to my mind that simplifies options for gearboxes - find a donor Range Rover or Discovery that's being scrapped and yank the engine and auto box from it. You then have no problems finding a gearbox to fit, and can salvage the necessary engine mounts off the donor chassis. The 3.5 is a good strong engine and will take loads of abuse before it gives up. The 3.9 is significantly more powerful. Larger sizes are obviously even more desirable, with the 4.6 being the dogs privates All Rover V8 engines are the same dimensions, so if you get a 4.6 but don't want the electronics, you can fit the front cover etc off a 3.5 and get a distributor for the ignition. You just need a spacer for the crank pulley which RPI engineering can sell you (their site is really useful BTW).

    It's a fair bit of work, and there'll be a lot of bits to transfer - lots of plumbing, the electronics, etc. It's a common conversion though normally for older vehicles than a td5 and there have been quite a lot of threads about what's required in this forum. The advantage of buying a donor vehicle is that you then get nearly all the parts you need which saves a lot of hunting about and cost.

    My guess it that you'd have no problem selling the td5 engine, gearbox, and electrics/electronics - in fact, you might be able to sell them as a complete bundle to someone looking to upgrade their older vehicle.
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