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Thread: TD4 Auto - Transmission Noises?

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    Default TD4 Auto - Transmission Noises?

    Hi All,

    Was driving the FL up the derbyshire dales this afternoon and I noticed when going up steep banks either the engine or transmission seems noisy?

    Its like a faint whine that gets slightly louder when I accelerate but as soon as the throttle is taken off, it goes.

    Its difficult to exlpain really, no problems with drivability and when on the open road I can hear the same noise until I get to a speed where the engine or road noise dubs it out!

    I am just wondering if anyone else has a similar noise or if this is common with the Auto's?

    Cheers, Gav

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    Default Re: TD4 Auto - Transmission Noises?

    In my experience all freelanders have a little transmission whine if you really listen for it. It can also get a bit more pronounced when hot and under extra load.
    Similar faults appear on similar vehicles and have often been discussed before, so if you havenít already, please try some search terms in the 'search' feature at the top right of the thread list.

    Responses are submitted for discussion and analysis and are not intended to be definitive. Although I do my best I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information given.

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    Default Re: TD4 Auto - Transmission Noises?

    Thanks Chaser, enough to put my mind at rest.

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