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Thread: Freelander 1 front discs

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    Default Freelander 1 front discs

    Hi there, I need to buy a pair of front discs for my freelander, apparentky they only last 210,000 miles LOL.

    I've been checking out the prices and tehy range from around 60 each to as low os 12 each.

    What are the pro's and cons?

    Many thanks


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    you get what you pay for

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    Default Re: Freelander 1 front discs

    Buy cheap, pay twice!!

    They won't last, they will warp, they will probably squeal.

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    Default Re: Freelander 1 front discs

    I replaced mine with Mintex pads and discs recently, I would recommend them.
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    Default Re: Freelander 1 front discs

    Thanks people, its what I thought. I'd also have thought that there would have been a minimum legal standard for the discs to meet, something that would remove a lot of the variations in price.

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