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Thread: Discovery 3 2004 Automatic gearbox problem

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    Default Discovery 3 2004 Automatic gearbox problem

    Hi, We have a Disco 3 54 plate TDV6 SE AUTO at first the Drive gear kept slipping out but with a bit of effort it went back in. Now we can't get it in Drive at all. The Drive Sports won't work either. All the other Park,Neutral & Reverse work, however when switching through the gear box seems stiff.
    Any idea's as to what may be wrong or what I could do to repair it without going to Landrover speacilist and paying a fortune for the job.
    Dave & Mags

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    Default Re: Discovery 3 2004 Automatic gearbox problem

    I've replied to the other thread, but thought i'd post it here also.

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    The nut you can see on the gear linkage selector cable has a metal & plastic insert which gets corroded. You can buy a new one Part number LR012704 for about 15.
    OR you can do the first fix, which is....

    Drive the car up two wheel ramps (suitable for a heavy car like this) or jack up the front drivers side AND USE AXLE STANDS to stop it slipping on you.

    You will see a large plastic tray, held on my about 6 bolts. Undo those usually pretty easily & move the tray out of the way. You will then be able to see the above.

    Then give the bolt and around that link a decent squirt of spray grease. Many people use WD40, but I prefer to just use spray grease (depends on how bad the corrosion is!) If it's too bad, you will need to replace it or take it apart & clean it up.

    Cheap as chips to fix & not the major problem that most people think it is.

    Hope that helps.
    Discovery 3 (yes, shiny shiny...) Sometimes anyway.....

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    Default Re: Discovery 3 2004 Automatic gearbox problem

    Thanks for this, husband did manage to fix the gearbox by doing what you said.
    Thanks again, touch wood it's all working fine.
    Just a problem with the key fob now, never rains lol

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