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Thread: 2001 TD5 ES driver door lock fault

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    Default 2001 TD5 ES driver door lock fault

    Hi all,

    The central locking is playing up a bit, and I would like to trace whether it is the door lock/solenoid itself, or perhaps the control system at fault.

    I have the car set to lock all doors once the road speed reaches 4MPH, so bearing that in mind, here is the pattern of behaviour:

    It will always lock OK when I use the plip to lock the whole car when parked.
    It will never lock when called upon by the car reaching 4MPH (all other doors do lock)

    It will never unlock whether from the plip, or if I manuallu lock it while in the vehicle, and then turn off ignition once parked (at which time all other doors do unlock)

    If it never locked at all I would go straight to the door itself to check, but the fact that the plip will lock it throws me a little!

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    Default Re: 2001 TD5 ES driver door lock fault

    Hi John
    I think you have two issues, the lock modules in the doors have two electic motors in them, one to lock the other to unlock. The unlock one faces up in the lock module and gets water and muck in, you can dismantle the module and clean out the motor, put grease around the worm drive and it works OK (did mine 4 years ago and still going). Other option is you can get one on ebay for about 60, but have a go to fix and if you ****** it up you have this option. Also this could be the fault on the MPH locking as if lock motor is stiff the signal for the MPH is alot shorter than from the plip and may not have time to actuate if the motor is slow.
    The d/door close at MPH, do you have the unlock sequence set to push plip once to unlock drivers door then again for all others, or once for all doors, as I remember there was something around this setting that diasbled the drivers door from locking when reaching the set MPH.

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    Default Re: 2001 TD5 ES driver door lock fault

    Thanks for that. Now both front doors are doing this, so I do need to deal with it.

    I think they fail to lock if I use the dashboard switch as well, so perhaps that is pointing to the door actuators, although it still seems odd (though comforting!) that the plip manages to lock the car.

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