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Thread: Radford Bulkheads

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    Default Radford Bulkheads

    im gonna need one in the future if mine cant be repaired, does anyone have any experience with them, eg quality etc, and does anyone know how much one would be for my S1 86 inch.

    thanks, Chris

    Chris....Now on Land Rover number 9

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    Default Re: Radford Bulkheads

    Are they the guys that used to live in Derbyshire, then relocated to Scotland somewhere? If so, I think some of their earlier tries were slightly ropey but they've improved alot over the years.
    I think either theirs', or Stafford Doveys' have got to be 1000% better than the Craddocks attempt! Expensive though...You'll be looking at at least 500.
    BTW Did you see my post about an 86" chassis I've found? I'll be going over to the blokes place sometime in the coming week. Do you want me to investigate further? Take pics? etc?


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