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    Some time ago I posted a tread re-ply lining my TD5 defender and I received some usefull replys with some DIY suggestions. I have not plucked up courage to have a go myself. Does anybody know if there are any ready made kits availble for DIY fitting or if there is a company that will ply line the 90 for me. I have serched the internet for the normall Van ply lining companies but all I have contacted say they do not ply line landrovers.
    It is a new defender so I would like to do a realy good job. Idealy I would like to line the sides with ply and cover with some sort of basic grey carpet. Any Ideas?

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    you need to find a good carpenter mate

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    Well what I did was go to the local plywood shop and get a nice big 8ftx4ft sheet of plywood. I then measured and jigsawed 2 pieces out of it, 1 for each side. I fixed the plywood to the sides by making some brackets out of some steel and using the bolts that bolt the roof to the van sides to hold the brackets at the top, and used the holes in the channel just under the van sides on the inside to hold the bottom brackets. Then used self tappers to attach the plywood to the brackets. I this of course left me with a gap between the ply and the van sides, so I stuffed that gap with felt/foam/old sweaters etc etc. Nice and quiet now. No drumming.

    I haven't got round to covering the ply with some basic carpet, but all that would need doing is to buy a bit of material, cut it to length and stick it to the ply with some carpet adhesive or similar.

    I decided to go with brackets rather than using contact adhesive to fix the ply to the van sides just in case, for whatever reason, I want to remove them. Like this, just a few bolts and self tappers and I'm back to drumming hell! A;so, they're less likely to fall off this way.

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