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Thread: leaking master cylinder

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    Default leaking master cylinder

    what is the cause of the brake master cylinder leaking down the servo?. only a dribble but im sure an mot issue.
    it apears to have come from inside the joint and not from the unions or resovior.
    is there a seal kit to easily fix this?
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    Default Re: leaking master cylinder

    if it is leaking where the master cylinder is bolted to the servo then the seals/bore has failed. get this sorted before using the motor.

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    Default Re: leaking master cylinder

    I have the same problem on my series 1 but cannot get end cap (large nut) undone! Should I consider replacement and what are my options, at some stage I was going to go down the servo route but as I am restoring it I would prefer to leave it as original as possible.

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    Default Re: leaking master cylinder

    The master cylinder is leaking past the seals; you need to get a new master cylinder on it. It is possible to fit a seal kit but don't do it, not on a brake master cylinder, a clutch master, yes but not brakes.

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    Default Re: leaking master cylinder

    Agreed, I've fitted new seals to brake master cyliners in the past and never found one without a step worn in the bore, always ended up replacing the whole thing.

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