An advert showing a Honda CR-V entering a magical portal has avoided censure after viewers complained in encouraged dangerous driving. The advert, which shows the new SUV being driven into a mystical hole that appears in the wall of a house, has not been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) because the 'overall tone was surreal and supernatural'.
Despite the fantastical nature of the advert five viewers had complained the advert was 'irresponsible' and should be taken off air.
However, the ASA said the driver of the new CR-V had passed a green light on the way to the strange vortex and therefore had right of way - which means he was following the Highway Code.
Bizarrely, the conclusion also stated the advert would not encourage viewers to 'emulate the action' of driving towards a 'supernatural opening portal' and ruled it was allowed to stay on air.
The advert used the tagline 'Do More New' and, according to Honda was aimed at 'predominantly 45- to 55-year olds who were at a 'reinvention' stage of their life, who had a youthful mind-set and were in search of enriching experiences'.
The Honda CR-V is a large family car priced from around 22,000. Built as a ruffed, practical soft-roader, it has been updated in 2013 with a new look, engines and equipment.
The ruling for the new Honda CR-V is in stark contrast to a recent banned Toyota advert. The new Toyota GT86 advert was banned by the ASA after showing a car in a virtual world outrunning police helicopters before breaking through a glass-like done that surrounded a CGI city.
In that case the advert for the 25,000 sports car was ruled to 'condone dangerous driving' and was forced off the air.