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Thread: Defender help needed

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    Smile Defender help needed

    I am having a slight problem with my 2010 defender , the abs and the tractsion control lights are permenately on
    the dash all the time exept when you turn the ignition off it has been like this for about 2 1/2 years there is nothing
    wrong at all with the brakes and has passed 2 mots like it. I have changed the rear wheel censors (new ones) that
    my diagnostics says is at fault but with no luck. It as only done 20500 mls and is baffleing me (puma diesel engine)
    any help or suggestions would be very helpful . Regards frankieg

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    shame on the mot tester, an abs light being on is a fail. but, we need to know the codes. if the codes relate just to the rears sensors then it might be a wiring fault, so trace the wiring and make sure its not been caught up somewhere.
    currently between landrovers, just a scabby old audi with 359,000 miles under it.

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    i have found out that it is the shuttle valve in the abs pump but the problem is when i enter the number on my pump
    (3H12 2B373 CA) ALL I CAN FIND ARE PARTS FOR FORD VEHICLES. is the pump on my vehicle a ford one or a landrover one.
    were would be the part number stamped on my pump. regards frank

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