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Thread: Auto Discovery2 traction problem

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    Default Auto Discovery2 traction problem

    Being new I don't know if this has been covered. Recently when trying to get out of a wet field in high box I got stuck in a bad set of ruts at the gate. Spectators were amazed that non of the wheels were spinning, just the engine revving and not going anywhere. The TC light was not on (though it does work). After a while both front wheel rotated in the mud. Eventually got out by being pushed backwards and taking a fast run at it.
    Question is should the traction control have got me out or is this "torque slip" usual with the Auto in mud? If so no too good.

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    I can't understand why none of the wheels was spinning if you were revving it above the point the torque converter transmits drive. TC should have worked (but of course not if all wheels are spinning at the same speed eg on black ice).

    The auto doesn't know anything about whether you're on mud or not......
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