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Thread: PTO winch on 200tdi discovery

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    Default PTO winch on 200tdi discovery


    I'm new at this, so...

    I have a 200tdi discovery and intent to fit an PTO driven winch from a series.
    The major problem is to adapt the gearbox whith the PTO because of a differrent type of connection, for now I'm searching for an adapter that will fit the gearbox output shaft. With this adaptor I'll be able to fabricate an intermediate box to connect the PTO.....

    Excuse my English for I'm from Holland.

    Looking forward to your reply

    regards Louis

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    Default Re: PTO winch on 200tdi discovery

    There is a forward facing pto specifically for the LT230 transfer box.
    It would fit straight in.


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    Default Re: PTO winch on 200tdi discovery

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    Question Re: PTO winch on 200tdi discovery


    I will contact them, considering some kind of swap with the PTO I have.
    However it will be difficult to get the winch connected. Because I drive a left hand car the steeringpump is a bit of an obstacle. But I'll figure that will be possible with a 3 piece drive shaft

    what you say if the car is lifted a total of 8" (no not with a jack)
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    Don't know how good a swap you'd get......they want 300+vat for the LT230 PTO! That would be around 500Euro!
    Go for a hydraulic pto and winch. It's far easier to route hoses than drive-shafts!

    8 inches of lift would be massively unstable.......


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    Perhapse I mis informed you, though my car has a total lift of 200mm so nearly 8". But this is the total lift of the body. I performed the following mods to achive this:

    Body lift 75mm home made
    Suspension lift 50mm Trailmaster
    Tyres 305/70-R16 on 8" steel rims Which carry their width more out.

    Definitly more stable than the worn standard suspension as we speak about trail handling.

    However I had to perform some mods to the bodywork as well.......and fitted an 1.44 ratio transferbox. Quite a job I must say.

    Bud to be hounest, when you hit a bump at higher speed you notice it in the steering.

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    Default Re: PTO winch on 200tdi discovery

    Before you spend all your money on a PTO unit, make sure that you have the space to fit one without fouling on the bodywork / rear floor pan, or be prepared to cut sections from the bodywork to let it fit.

    If I remember correctly, and following Swags' earlier advice, there is a "drop down" PTO unit for a front winch which will probably fit onto the transfer box, but this could give problems with the drive shafts.

    You could fit a PTO driven Hydraulic pump, which would be easier to connect to the winch as the pipes are literally more flexible than drive shafts, however the combined PTO / Pump unit takes up a lot of space, which is OK on a Defender but practically non existent on a Discovery.

    Again you should remember that the majority [if not all] of PTO units for Land Rovers rely on a mechanical selector linkage which may be difficult, but not impossible to make fit onto a Discovery.

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