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Thread: Generators and central heating

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    Default Generators and central heating

    Does anyone out there know how much power is needed to start an average central heating boiler. My in-laws are looking to get a generator but I'm not convinced a small one would fire up a boiler, which is part of the reason for having one.

    Any thoughts would be welcome.
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    Default Re: Generators and central heating

    Well the booklet for my inlaws one (we don't have central heating) which is quite a large one says 140watts, 5 amp fuse, internal fuse is 1.5 amps. Hope that helps
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    Default Re: Generators and central heating

    If its a combi system then theres probably a pump integral which is probably pulling the most juice, not sure about what power a pump uses but i could find out if that would help. The only other power drawn would be a divertor valve, PCB and the gas valve. This would still be using a 3 amp main fused spur.

    If its a system boiler then again the PCB and gas valve would be integral to the boiler but would probably have either and external pump and zone valve/ valves. Again using a 3 amp main fused spur.

    Ive no idea about generators but i would have thought any decent rated one would do.

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    Default Re: Generators and central heating

    As Dirtdiggler says, its the pump that's going to pull the most current and starting it is the problem for generators. Central heating is low pressure, so the motor starting isn't the problem that freezers are. That's a compressor as opposed to a pump and they really stop gennys, although get a big enough one and it'll run anything.

    The smallest gennys are usually 1 - 1.5 Kva and that ought to run a central heating, but you may not have any lights! 1.7Kva or around there ought to do it.

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