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Thread: Power Steering Fluid Query

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    Default Power Steering Fluid Query

    Hi everyone,

    The PAS pump on my Series 1 Disco seized at the weekend so I have removed it ready for replacement. When all the fluid drained out of the reservoir I found about 2mm of sludge which seemed to contain a metallic grit (I assume from the seized pump).

    I have flushed the reservoir and pipes with new fluid but am concerned that the steering box could be full of this sludge. The manual only mentions bleeding the system but no mention is made whether the steering box can/should be drained prior to the replacement of the pump and fluid.

    Any help would be gratefully received



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    Here's a thought for you, why did the pump seize? It could have been because of the bits of metal in your system...
    It would be worth taking the pump apart if you can, and check to see if it was that which was causing the metal bits, or something else, like the steering box.

    If it wasn't the pump breaking up, then it could happen again with your new pump...
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