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Thread: Indicator/light problem

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    I've just noticed a problem on my 90, that I assume was like it when I got it a few weeks back (I know, should have checked!) and haven't noticed until now since I haven't driven in the dark.

    OK, lights off, indicators on both sides work fine.
    Sidelights on, indicators on both sides work fine.
    However, when i put the headlights on, the indicators on the right hand side work, but the lhs has a problem. All three indicatos (front, rear and side repeater) come on dimly, as does the left headlight and the indicator lamp on the dash. The sidelight also dims on the left hand side. When i put the left hand indicator on in this situation, nothing changes.

    I'm assuming that the circuits are somehow crossed, but a quick gander at the wiring diagram hasn't thrown up an obvious solution as to how, and I'm not a massive electronics whizz anyway. Any suggestions anyone?


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    Start looking for a bad earth... look carefully at the cable insulation in the places where the wires pass through panels.
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    As SiGuru says, look for a poor earth on the affected side. Also check all the connectors in the same vicinity, don't say how old yours is but the older lucar connectors can get a bit furry. I'd bet on it being a poor earth though, the extra load from the headlights means the current is trying to get out elsewhere. If you're not careful, you can get the classic Lucas syndrome of all the smoke escaping and a disgusting smell of melting insulation

    Front lights earth on the wings just behind the rad, rears are behind a small panel on either side that cover the backs of the light fittings. If you have towing electrics, they are connected behind the offside cover panel and can be a source of problems as well. Give every connection a check if yours is an older vehicle.

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    Had a simular problem on my 110 after replacing the switch to no availe, I took all the lights on the front side affected apart couldn't find anything wrong reassembled problem solved, so I would assume it was just an iffy earth.
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    This might sound stupid but do you have all the correct bulbs? I had a passat once with an incorrect stop bulb and it did a similar thing.

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